Breathe Efficiently.

Move Effectively.

Load Intelligently.

Train With Integration.

In many ways, our modern world is over-stressed and out of balance. One of the biggest challenges we face is changing the way we think about health and creating a balanced lifestyle. A critical component of holistic well-being is healthy movement, comprehensive strength & regular physical exercise. I believe that everyone possesses the capacity to develop their own unique routine through habit forming  which translates into developing an overall healthy and optimal way of living.

I invite you to be a part of this cultural change, so that you can achieve a healthier, higher quality of life!
Free strategy phone call session for people who want to feel better, move better & gain strength while staying out of pain!
Walk away knowing EXACTLY what to do to take you from feeling stressed or in pain to learning how to move your body to promote tension relief while getting in your resistance training!

Rachel V

"Coming out of 2 years of chronic illness and 7 years of back pain, I had no idea how to physically rehab my body. Aleena thoughtfully provided me with consistent training centered around breath, ribcage positioning & stabilization exercises. One month after working together I started noticing a difference! My whole body moves better and I can and feel visible shifts in my feet, ankle pelvis and back."

Elise W

"I started training with Aleena I had chronic back pain and a litany of injuries related to my dance career. Through thoughtful, personalized training Aleena has gotten my body so much stronger, and taught me how to look after myself."

Sharon S

"Before I had started working with Aleena, I was wearing a knee brace all of the time because of the constant pain I was experiencing. I was researching knee surgeons to get a knee replacement. Now, I am pain free and I haven't worn a brace since after 1 month of us working together. I thank Aleena for giving me a much better quality of life and the ability to play with my new grandson."

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