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Mentoring Sessions

For trainers or clinicians who are looking to learn more about programming, assessment skills, breathing, and resistance training. Mentorship sessions are based on your specific goals as a clinician. You can decide to meet 1x a week or 1x a month depending on what you are looking for! Aleena uses her background as a Certified Athletic Trainer as well as her knowledge from continuing education courses to help you on your journey to becoming a better personal trainer or rehab clinician.

diapghram asymmetry, diaphgragm, diaphragmatic breathing, asymmetry

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Postural Restoration

Postural Restoration was developed to educate people on the inherent asymmetries of the human body. . An injury on the left side of our body is not the same as the injury happening to the right side of our body. Aleena uses these concepts of Postural Restoration Institute to help clients breathe more efficiently, lower pain levels, move more symmetrically and feel grounded in their bodies.

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