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Explore Aleena's top links and handpicked affiliates, where we offer a carefully curated selection of health-related products for your shopping convenience. Below, you'll find a diverse array of resources, all thoughtfully tailored to assist users in making well-informed choices for their health and wellness needs. Rest assured that every product featured has undergone Aleena's meticulous vetting process, and she personally attests to their quality and effectiveness!

CURREX Shoe Inserts
Aleena loves these specific shoe inserts from currex because of the perfect ratio of stability to flexibility, and she has recommended them to hundreds of people, all of whom have seen positive results. They're suitable for various activities and foot types, delivering an improved fit and stability in your footwear.
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Dr. Jess Wellness Plus 
Dr. Jess's Wellness Plus app is your friendly partner for holistic well-being, offering expert advice and tools to boost your health. Dr. Jess is dedicated to teaching you to be your best doctor, offering a wide range of resources, connecting you with nearby healthcare professionals, and delivering enlightening lectures on various topics all designed to empower and educate you about your well-being.
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LightPath LED
Lightpath LED is a non-invasive therapy that employs near-infrared (NIR) light to stimulate cellular rejuvenation and facilitate healing. This technology, commonly delivered through specialized LED devices, harnesses NIR light's ability to penetrate deep into tissues, enhancing blood circulation, reducing inflammation, and supporting the body's innate healing mechanisms.
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Mrs. Rogers Hood  PARAFY & MOLDEZE
MolDeze is a comprehensive kit for mold detox and mitochondrial support. It's recommended to start with a 30-day ParaFy parasite cleanse for a gentle yet thorough detox experience, addressing mold and parasite-related symptoms.
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Goodonya Hydrate
GOODONYA HYDRATE is a natural electrolyte and mineral powder with 70+ essential minerals and only six ingredients, providing a refreshing taste akin to a summer day while containing just 1g of sugar per serving. It's proudly certified organic and glyphosate-free for your peace of mind.
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Natural Cycles Birth Control
Natural Cycles offers hormone-free birth control through innovative technology. By tracking your menstrual cycle and temperature, it enables informed fertility monitoring for contraception or conception.
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Therasage Wellness Products
Aleena recommends Therasage for their science-based products, including the TheraO3 Bubbler, and their outstanding technology, especially their infrared heat and sauna combination, which is ideal for detoxification, even for those with space or budget constraints.


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ProOne Water Filters

Water is essential for supporting life, yet it can also serve as a repository for various contaminants in our modern era. Aleena personally utilizes ProOne Water filters and holds them in high regard due to their NSF certification, which highlights their effectiveness in ensuring clean and safe water.
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Health Lighting 
Chromalux® is a full-spectrum lighting solution that promotes health and well-being by emulating the natural colors of sunlight. It transforms your surroundings into pleasant and inviting spaces for both living and working.
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Lambs: EMF Radiation Clothing 
Lambs offers stylish apparel infused with advanced technology to shield against electromagnetic radiation and promote well-being, merging fashion with health-conscious design.
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CellCore Biosciences Products
CellCore Biosciences is a leading provider of innovative health and wellness solutions, specializing in products that support natural detoxification and overall vitality. Their meticulously formulated supplements are designed to help you achieve holistic wellness and peak health.
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