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ClientĀ TransformationsĀ 

After just two sessions of PRI work, this patient experienced a noticeable reduction in chronic headaches. Our collaborative efforts also focused on addressing neck tension. However, it wasn't until a year later, during an integrative optometry appointment, that a significant breakthrough occurred. At this point, we identified a substantial change in her eye prescription, which turned out to be the crucial missing piece for her healing process!

Initially, this patient sought treatment due to neck discomfort experienced while running on the treadmill. The incorporation of Postural Restoration techniques into her daily regimen led to a complete alleviation of this issue. The remarkable postural transformations depicted above occurred in just three sessions. By the end of 2022, she even successfully completed a marathon!

This patient came in to work on overall asymmetry and to optimize his body. After a few PRI sessions, we did an integrative optometry appointment which resulted in a pair of lenses for nervous system regulation.Ā 

This patient arrived for treatment after exploring various therapeutic approaches, including consultations with other Postural Restoration practitioners in the tristate region. Her struggle with a visual impairment has made it challenging for her to maintain a stable bodily foundation. Through a combination of vision and dental integration, we've successfully advanced her progress, resulting in evident improvements in her posture.

During a single session, we witnessed significant postural improvements as the body quickly realigned itself. These notable changes were brought about through the application of three Postural Restoration Techniques, serving as a compelling example of how immediate transformations can occur, even within one session.

This individual sought treatment for persistent ankle problems, hip pain, and neck discomfort. Over the course of a year, we have collaboratively made significant improvements in how her body perceives its position. We've incorporated both dental and optometry interventions, enhancing her ability to establish a stronger physical foundation.Ā