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Smarter Strength & Programming

 When choosing the option of smarter strength training and programming, the focus is primarily on accounting for our human asymmetries in your resistance training. Not all resistance training is created equally. Our bodies are not symmetrical and we need to take this into account when we lift weights. 
I strive to give my clients the ability to teach my clients to move fluidly, feel muscles working efficiently & program for their energy systems intelligently. 

Then Aleena will personalize training sessions to the client's needs & goals. 


Single Training Session 60 minutes: $150
Single Training Session 45 minutes $120
Customized Programming Month: $200

Train Heroic App

Aleena uses this app to program for clients. You can do your exercise regiment from your own home! Play video for a sneak peak into the app.

Training Sessions and Programs can be focused on the following:

  • Strength

  • Hypertrophy

  • Endurance

  • Body composition 

  • General health well-being

  • Improving fitness while managing nagging aches and pains

  • Improving fitness while recovering from injury

  • Learning lifting technique and how to perform various resistance exercises

Here's What People Say About Working With Aleena

Manny K

" I can feel myself gaining more awareness and learning more about proper form as the weeks progress earlier, but I am learning a lot more about my own body and proper technique with the live sessions."

Alex L

"I really value the personalization of the program and how attentive Aleena is to my struggles and strengths.

She always makes me feel confident in my body."

Jose R

"I have worked with trainers before, but Aleena outclasses them in her thirst for knowledge.

Along with her strong fitness chops, Aleena is well-versed in the human body-biomechanics & injury prevention."

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