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○ Jose R ○

"I have worked with trainers before, but Aleena outclasses them in her thirst for knowledge. Along with her strong fitness chops, Aleena is well-versed in the human body-biomechanics, injury prevention

She will help you achieve your goals to get or stay in shape. and her training is geared to improve your day life. After a few sessions, you will feel better, which translates to better performance outside of the gym, whether that is running cycling, or playing a sport."

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"I enjoy training with Aleena because it's helpful to have her cue the movements and give each of us specific feedback on our form. I can feel myself gaining more awareness and learning more about proper form as the weeks progress earlier, but I am learning a lot more about my own body and proper technique with the live sessions."

○ Manpreet K ○

"Aleena is excellent to work with. Her passion for and knowledge of the human body is clearly evident when working with her. My goals when talking with her were to improve my posture, as I work at a desk all day, and to maintain proper form while exercising and lifting. Aleena took me through the ins and outs of what it means to be in alignment, and I learned through the process that it is largely related to breathe and internal support of our abs and rib cage. Throughout the 5 sessions, I have done with Aleena so far she relayed to me how to prevent pain, improve breathing, and calm the nervous system through positioning and breath that left me shaking with relief. I can't emphasize enough how useful and easy it is to work with Aleena, and have already seen drastic benefits from the exercises and techniques we've practiced so far." - 

○ Tyler C ○


"Aleena has been a tremendous asset to all of our students, teaching them how to use and control their bodies for dance and for life. Aleena makes classes and workshops fun, gives each student attention in a group setting, and tailors each session based on objectives and needs. We love working with her."

○ Elise Wright 

Aherne Sheehan School of Irish Dance

"Working with Aleena has been a blessing in so many ways. Coming out of 2 years of chronic illness and 7 years of back pain, I had no idea how to physically rehab my body. I tried on my own for a bit and ended up discouraged and thinking I’d never be able to move comfortably. Aleena thoughtfully provided me with consistent training centered around breath, ribcage positioning, and stabilizing exercises. Everything was body weight, so I didn’t need to buy any new equipment! Within days I started noticing a difference, and a month later I was comfortably running over 2 miles, able to move about my day without my back constantly hurting, and looking forward to the potential of doing triathlons. My whole body is now moving much better and I can see visible shifts in my feet, ankles, pelvis, and back. She’s very engaging, makes her sessions fun and within your ability range, and draws from an incredible amount of knowledge on biomechanics."

○ Rachel V ○