Postural Restoration Inspired Program

We are asymmetrical humans. Our right diaphragm is bigger and stronger than our left diaphragm. See picture --> 

We are wired this way. Our brains are more dominant on our left hemisphere which controls the right side of our body. We have a liver on our right and a heart on our left ribcage with influences how we breathe, walk & move.


Postural Restoration was developed to educate people on the inherent asymmetries of the human body and the patterns that our body can create. An injury on the left side of our body is not the same as the injury happening to the right side of our body.

Aleena uses these concepts of Postural Restoration Institute to help clients breathe more efficiently, lower pain levels, move more symmetrically and feel grounded in their bodies.

Aleena has taken courses from Postural Restoration Institute. Her coursework through PRI includes:


*Myokinematic Restoration

*Pelvic Restoration

*Postural Respiration

*Impingement & Instability

*Non-Manual Techniques

Currently, Aleena is working on achieving her PRT certification - Postural Restoration Trained. 


How This Program Works:

  • The first session is an initial assessment Aleena either live in person or on zoom. Prior to the session Aleena will send over forms and directions to be completed.

  • This session is 80 minutes long. A detailed history, movement assessment, and PRI tests will be performed. The client will go home with at least 2 breathing exercises to help with their specific needs.

  • After the initial consult, you can choose the 30-minute session option or the 45-minute session option. 30 minutes are for people who are more experienced with PRI techniques

  • Sessions after the initial consult need to be booked within a 1-2 week time frame. This is to ensure that you can have enough time to practice the techniques.

  • Fees:

  • 30-minute session: $70

  • 45-minute session: $120

  • Initial Consult: $150


Aleena has worked with:

University of Arkansas Gymnastics Team

University of Arkansas Women’s Tennis Team

University of Arkansas Track and Field Team


Who Can Benefit:

  • Injury management, Improving breathing dysfunctions

  • General Health & Well-being

  • Improving fitness while recovering from injury

  • Transitioning into lifting related & exercise-related activities

  • Clients that typically choose this option may have sustained an injury, are currently in chronic pain, or want to get rid of nagging aches and pains.

  • Using PRI concepts, we are able to guide your body to feel safer, more stable, decrease your pain, and start to feel stronger as a whole. This is important for someone who is also interested in learning more about overall posture by making behavioral changes! 

Here's What People Say About Working With Aleena

Katie D

"Recently this thought crossed my mind - my physical alignment is changing because I have shoulders now!"

 Rachel V

"My breathing capacity feels x10 of what it used to be. The back of my knees do not hurt anymore when I run, which is something I never thought I'd be able to say"

Andy B

"The changes I am seeing using PRI have been so helpful for my voice."