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Postural Restoration

We are asymmetrical humans. Our right diaphragm is bigger and stronger than our left diaphragm. See the picture above. 

We are wired this way. Our brains are more dominant on our left hemisphere which controls the right side of our body. We have a liver on our right and a heart on our left ribcage. Our right brain hemisphere attends to both our right and left visual field and our left hemisphere only attends to the right. These asymmetries influence how we move, walk & breathe. 

Postural Restoration was developed to educate people on the inherent asymmetries of the human body.

An injury on the left side of our body is not the same as an injury happening to the right side of our body. Aleena uses these concepts of Postural Restoration Institute to help clients breathe more efficiently, lower pain levels, move more symmetrically and feel grounded in their bodies.

Some humans need more references to be able to properly access their left sides. That is why PRI practitioners integrate with PRI-minded dentists & neuro-optometrists. Not every patient needs this, but for the people that do, it can be game-changing! 

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Dental Integration 

This video shows how a human's body can dramatically change IF dental integration is their root cause!

The alignment of the teeth & occlusion (how teeth hit each other) can have a high impact on the overall function of the neck, trunk, arms, and leg movement. The goal of PRI dental intervention is to give the person the best neurological sensory input to drive positive postural changes. 

Video Poster Image

Vision Integration

This video shows how a human's body can dramatically change IF they are driven visually!

The brain will make decisions about what posture to assume based on how the person "sees" the world. The visual system will accommodate to help it see clearly based on one's posture. The goal is to help the human sense perception and space adequately & to allow them to move better while not sacrificing clarity. 

How This Works:

  • The first session is an initial assessment with Aleena - either in person or on zoom. Prior to the session, Aleena will send over forms and directions to be completed.
  • This session is 60-80 minutes long. A detailed history, movement assessment, and PRI tests will be performed. The client will leave the session with at least 2 breathing exercises to help with their specific needs.
  • Sessions after the initial consult need to be booked within a 1-2 week time frame. This is to ensure that you can have enough time to practice the techniques.
  • If needed, Aleena may have you see either a dentist or a neuro-optometrist. Aleena comes to those sessions to ensure that your body responds well to the dental or eye treatment.
Work With Aleena