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What does it mean to find the ROOT when it comes to healing?

Lately, the people that have been coming to see me are humans who have tried everything to decrease their pain and have made some headway into their journey but are still looking for more answers. I am becoming more of a "last stop shop" for humans looking to feel better, optimize and find the root of the issue.

In health & wellness, the buzzwords lately include "root cause" but what does this truly mean? In order to find the root cause, we must look deeply at each human as a whole. That means internally, externally & from head to toe.

Through my training with Postural Restoration Institute, I have learned how to FIND the root when it comes to dental, and vision and how our bodies morph to be able to respire and compensate in order to fulfill adequate locomotion. With the information I have been learning in the functional medicine world, I am learning how to connect these two modalities to complete the picture of optimal health. Combined...both of these worlds are powerful in healing.

It's been an amazing journey of education over the last few years and I am excited to blog and create more educational materials for people that are interested in following my work. This is the beginning.

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