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It’s been 7 weeks since I have touched a barbell. Being an athlete has been my identity and a massive part of my life from a young age. A lot of things have gone on lately and I had to make some big changes to my lifestyle so I can live comfortably in the future. As I took in the news of doing absolutely no types of high intensity working out/ explosive activity for at least 6 months, I couldn’t fathom how to live without this part of my life. I couldn’t even understand how I would regulate and control all of the things in my life I like to control. My bodyweight, my food intake, my step count etc. As many athletes do, I group together my healthy eating with my ability to train. I have always looked at these two things as one, however, they are not. You can have a wellness mindset, eat healthy and do generalized fitness without being a competitive athlete. That was a new concept I would have to accept in my new lifestyle. After a few days (okay more like a solid 2 weeks) of being in my own depression, a mindset shift came over me. I realized that I am not who I am because of my Olympic Weightlifting. I realized that it is a piece of me or my heart and it does not make me whole. I feel like I am becoming and learning more of who I truly am throughout this process.

I’m in a much better place mentally and I wanted to share what I have learned in the past 7 weeks.

1. Life goes on —> There’s so much else out there to enjoy. For me it’s been about connecting to nature through hiking and bike riding. As well as enjoying quality time with my close friends & the people who support me.

2. Perspective—> It’s how you look at the situation. If you look at things negatively, it will take much longer to move forward and accept reality. You don’t need to “be positive” because honestly some situations are tough, but you do need to figure out what can shift your perspective to commit yourself to accepting instead of rejecting whatever situation.

3. Gratitude —> Being thankful for what you can do versus always living in the past. This can really make a big difference in healing. It helps you to be able to grab onto the idea of accepting but also reminds you that you are where you are in life, and that is ok!

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