Positional Breathing & Alignment Training

Positional Breathing & Alignment Training

With positional breathing & alignment training, the focus is on how the breath correlates with the rest of the body. Our bodies function with different patterns. Because of our pattern to be an asymmetrical human, I use the concepts of Postural Restoration Institute to help clients breathe more efficiently, move more symmetrically, and feel grounded in their bodies.


Clients that typically choose this option may have sustained an injury, are currently in chronic pain, or want to get rid of nagging aches and pains. Using positional breathing, we are able to guide your body to feel safer, more stable, decrease your pain, and start to feel stronger as a whole. This training is great for someone who is also interested in learning more about awareness and overall posture!

Aleena has taken courses from Postural Restoration Institute to be able to teach these techniqes!

Aleena has worked with

University of Arkansas Gymnastics Team

University of Arkansas Women’s Tennis Team

University of Arkansas Track and Field Team

Training Sessions and Programs of Positional Breathing & Alignment are  focused on the following:

  • Positional Breathing with a direct effect on posture and pain

  • Asymmetry management

  • Injury management

  • General Health & well-being

  • Improving fitness while recovering from injury

  • Transitioning into lifting related & exercise related activities

Here's What People Say About Working With Aleena

Manny K

" I can feel myself gaining more awareness and learning more about proper form as the weeks progress earlier, but I am learning a lot more about my own body and proper technique with the live sessions."

Jose R

I have worked with trainers before, but Aleena outclasses them in her thirst for knowledge. Along with her strong fitness chops, Aleena is well-versed in the human body-biomechanics & injury prevention.

Alex L

"I really value the personalization of the program and how attentive Aleena is to my struggles and strengths. She always makes me feel confident in my body."